Movie Review: Chef – Digitalia, Loss, Life And Some Food

Chef_2014I had a chance to catch an early preview of the movie ‘Chef’ last week. As it turned out, I got late and missed about 45 minutes of the movie. A few minutes in, riled, I turned to Rushina who was sitting next to me and asked,

“What does Hollywood have against the social media?”

She smiled and replied,

“Keep watching. Don’t judge it yet.”

I’m glad I did. Digitalia is the generational change of our times. And given how far-reaching its influences are, everybody who is living an active, working life is touched by it. We’re making mistakes, we’re experiencing calamities that should not have happened to us since we weren’t never taught about those realities. And then, we’re learning to cope and rise. It’s a classic human interest story; it’s not that new.

Chef Carl Casper is stuck in a prestigious job that he doesn’t even realize is making him unhappy. An unexpected episode has him losing everything he has. And the rest of the film is the journey about how he makes his peace with it. You will relate to this story even if you aren’t a foodie or a social media junkie. It’s about coming to terms with life’s less-than-perfectness, making peace with the mediocrity that is our own life.

Very definitely worth a watch. In fact, I’m going to go and catch it this weekend again (this time from the start). And now here’s the trailer and some places you can look it up online: WebsiteWikipediaIMDB


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