My friend Saurabh referenced the idea that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. He said when the teacher is ready too, the student arrives. I think student, teacher, lesson, these are all part of something more complex and yes, when they intersect it feels dramatic because it’s a story. Lessons take time to learn. Being quick is no reflection on the value of the lesson, teacher or student. The real impact of the lesson is when it becomes one with the student & transforms them.

Today another friend & I spoke about knowledge & expertise. We can’t hoard knowledge like it’s currency because it’s not. Teaching is learning again because it is a sharing, a chance for a new insight, a fresh perspective on what has already touched us, a chance to give it power & in turn be empowered by it. Ideas of ownership, possession & control do not hold in this.

When it first released, I watched the story ‘Karuna’ featuring Revathi & Prakash Raj (Netflix series Navarasa). It left me feeling scattered, my sense of self, justice & the clean labels I gave emotions blurred. I stopped consciously thinking about it a few days later.

Months later, I’ve been facing questions of trauma, repressed emotion, rage reactions. And simultaneously sitting in the aftermath of others such, with answers about forgiveness, healing, peace. The questions don’t fit the answers. Yet. They’re a jigsaw that hasn’t been put together yet. I found myself compelled to write a post about compassion (two posts before this one). Words are my ladders to insight. I let it be after that; I’m learning to do that too.

A week after, I rewatched Karuna. And it felt like it all came together. Student, teacher, lesson. Which is which? Which am I? Saurabh’s musings triggered thoughts. Syeda’s gentleness allowed me to incorporate patient reflection into my being. My own actions & plans took me in the direction of resolution.. How could learning not happen?

Why waste time looking for milestones when there is a world that opens up with compassion & learning? Well, patience is a lesson I’m yet to learn. 😃

#Ideart: Face painting themed ‘monsoon dance’

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