My friend Saurabh referenced the idea that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. He said when the teacher is ready too, the student arrives. I think student, teacher, lesson, these are all part of something more complex and yes, when they intersect it feels dramatic because it’s a story. Lessons take time to ... Read More

Hate Speech

From our first moment, we are absorbing information, accumulating experiences. We make sense of how these parts fit into each other by creating stories. This story needs constant editing. Sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes our chances don’t pay off. Sometimes things just change. Disappointment is coming face to face with that gap. It is not ... Read More

The High Road

Have you been hurt badly? Betrayed? Fooled? Discriminated against? Violated? Injured? Destroyed, ruined, shattered? So have I. So has every human being on the planet. This doesn’t nullify your pain or mine. It doesn’t make it bigger or worse or more worthy of attention, consideration, empathy, respect. It doesn’t make it easier because contrary to popular ... Read More

Revenge Is Sweet But Patience Is Healthier

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Trust. Friend. Forgiveness. Truth. And Some.

I haven’t written in over a month. And the first quarter of this year is almost over already. Well, it hasn’t actually been bad. Not if you refuse to think of “May you live in interesting times” as a curse. One thing that I did this year was to stop trying to control everything and ... Read More


Head on your lap One leg crossed over the other And lying on the sofa, Watching TV I was picking at an old scab A wound that left an ugly mark To remind me of all that I desperately try to forget A strangely satisfying activity, that. And I was telling you Of things that ... Read More

Turnabout Isn’t Fair Play

She picks a gob of mud and aims carefully Splatch! It spatters down his clean (too clean she thinks) face Then she sits back to sip her drink But it makes her choke Arsenic! …she thinks in panic And so the loquacious one is silenced But it wasn’t fair play!! Are her final unspoken words


Ideasmith, age 6 Dear Santa Claus, Will you bring me a present too? I am not a Christian. But I say prayers in English in school and I know about Jesus Christ and Moses. I read about them in the Bible stories book. When I go home, I pray in Hindi or Tamil or Sanskrit ... Read More

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