The High Road

Have you been hurt badly? Betrayed? Fooled? Discriminated against? Violated? Injured? Destroyed, ruined, shattered? So have I. So has every human being on the planet. This doesn’t nullify your pain or mine. It doesn’t make it bigger or worse or more worthy of attention, consideration, empathy, respect. It doesn’t make it…

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Head on your lapOne leg crossed over the otherAnd lying on the sofa,Watching TV I was picking at an old scabA wound that left an ugly markTo remind me of all that I desperately try to forgetA strangely satisfying activity, that. And I was telling youOf things that I should…

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55 Words: Turnabout Isn’t Fair Play

She picks a gob of mud and aims carefullySplatch! It spatters down his clean (too clean she thinks) face Then she sits back to sip her drinkBut it makes her choke Arsenic! …she thinks in panic And so the loquacious one is silenced But it wasn’t fair play!! Are her final…