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  1. What? She killed her family. I know you’ve been going to a down swing, but no need to kill everyone. And how uneventfully. Once again you’re divorced from emotion. Is this who you are mathematician? It was a long story, and did a lot of mucking about. Also, I wasn’t clear what demographic she came from, with an unusual name like Amaine. I think I did speed read this story and forgot it completely. If you’re going to be wantonly cruel, do it in style, like the Marquis de Sade. don’t be flippantly cruel to no apparent purpose. “well at least she wasn’t the youngest anymore”. Indeed.

    1. @Ronaan Roy: Hmm, I can see how she’d be seen as cruel. She has been a victim of extenuating circumstances and perhaps a sufferer of some homicidal, depressive tendencies as well. The detachment I think, is a normal response to an over traumatic environment. It turns out detachment is an emotion too and I need to learn how to do that.

  2. Oh now there was a creeper of a short story. Perfect finish. Though motive and method could have done with some exposition (choice of rat poison to kill the living layer) but otherwise lovely.

    1. @febinmathew: 🙂 She’s not an intentional murderer! But yes, her actions do unintentionally lead to the family’s deaths and post that, she doesn’t feel much grief.

      1. Of course, she isn’t, but I mean why rat poison at all
        Something along the lines of ‘a living layer, a pestilence. She had seen her mother do it countless times before, bug spray for cockroaches, poison for rats, zappers for flies. Why shouldn’t it work on this coating of despair come alive?’

        Children are the truly innocent, and for that reason the truly dangerous.

        1. @febinmathew: She isn’t exactly a child, at 37. I can’t honestly see why this story doesn’t work. Can I peg it to the discomfort a reader feels? This tale is supposed to make you itch at the side, not comfort.

      2. True, but she seems childish, maybe. I’m not comfortable with the story, but I’m not exactly encouraged to read on either. That’s a fine line, innit?