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  1. Hey, this blog is really happening! It took me quite a while to read through all the answers. I appreciate the idea of tweeting the post so that more readers find it!

  2. Yes, even the golden orb has its dark edges.

    As long as we’re absolutely fine living the life we want, guess there shouldn’t be any regrets. 🙂

    Have fun gurl!

  3. integrity invariably manifests when we are tearing at our seams…and life pulls us….in conflicting directions…such moments can be personal milestones in evolution….

  4. Hey there..thanks for the comment on my blog. I like your blogs, they’re very readable and make lots of sense. Why six? Is it the why have one when you can have six thingy?

  5. Hey I love having women bosses. I ask for nothing more. 🙂 And enjoy where you are and what you’re doing right now. And enjoy where you will be and what you’ll do when you’re married too. :-))

  6. WOw..thats cool//I love that show gurl..and ya Big B too ..jus coz hes such a snob and never commits and expects her to be around…..Men…

    Ya ..i hear and feel the moving out part..especially for branded Indian girls ///whatever ….hehe cheers