My friend Saurabh referenced the idea that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. He said when the teacher is ready too, the student arrives. I think student, teacher, lesson, these are all part of something more complex and yes, when they intersect it feels dramatic because it’s a story. Lessons take time to ... Read More

Meditations From 2021

It got harder and harder to write in the end of 2021 as feelings drowned me. But I managed to grab a few words & held onto them like my last hope. I just wasn’t able to be my more industrious self & blog them. Maybe I let that side of me go in 2021. ... Read More

Dark Days

There will be the dark days. The days when the parts of yourself you can’t edit, must rise to the surface. There will be days when even you, creature of light, must find home in the shadows. On these days, old wounds will surface. They will scream to be seen, to be heard. And you ... Read More


This month I’ve encountered jealousy, anger, self-doubt, regret, worry & desire. It’s been a month of big feelings. And every time something I call discomfort, rises. I’ve been squirming & grimacing like there was something in my innards that didn’t sit well. It’s called shame. Never mind why I’ve found shame in having large feelings. ... Read More

A Smoking Gun

Can we hate people for being who they are? It can be hard watching people remain their worst selves when you can see their highest potential. It’s difficult finding pettiness, rage, envy, weakness in those you know to be wise, strong, sensitive. Yesterday I found myself in the blast radius of more than one rageful ... Read More

Hate Speech

From our first moment, we are absorbing information, accumulating experiences. We make sense of how these parts fit into each other by creating stories. This story needs constant editing. Sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes our chances don’t pay off. Sometimes things just change. Disappointment is coming face to face with that gap. It is not ... Read More

Reverb 10.24: Home

I’m back from a packed weekend with a number of intense experiences and I’m doing the next three prompts in a row so there’ll be patterns and repetition. Okay, you were warned. Here goes the first Reverb10 prompt. December 24 Prompt – Everything’s OK What was the best moment that could serve as proof that ... Read More

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