I Wear: Geeky Chic

Without a personal style, garments are nothing more than fabric. Picking out the right colours, prints, fits and indeed, clothes, has little to do with complexion or body size and everything to do with personality & attitude.

This is the funny Mallu Man, someone who’s kept me in splits & thoughts for years now. His brand of humour is the sardonic, poker-faced variety, laced with a snide joke at your expense. Of course, that kind of humour can only grow from a deep intelligence & the ability to not take oneself too seriously. I think his look says all of these things too. This is what he was wearing when I last met him:

A bright green tee-shirt that says, “Nowhere Boredom”.

Green-and-white tartan shorts. And you won’t believe the number of jokes I had to endure to get him to stand still for this picture!

Green and yellow sneakers

And finally, the geeky spectacles to top that smartass attitude. *Sigh* I’ve always had a thing for geek-boys! :-p

  • Green tee-shirt: Rs.450-500, Bangalore Central
  • Green-and-white tartan shorts: Rs.400-500, Max, Oasis mall
  • Green-and-yellow canvas shoes: Rs.2500, Puma, Indiranagar
  • Rectangular framed spectacles: Rs.1200 on sale, Titan Eye, Koramangla

And here’s a little something about his look, in his own words:

I am terrified of wearing those green shoes anywhere, conscious about it because it is quite ‘different’, almost like a beach shoe, which is probably what it is πŸ˜€ But since I paid so much, I insist on wearing it out too! So, to soften the β€˜impact’, Β I keep it dirty – a rough look.

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