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  1. Mungda was from the 70s????? Damn!!!! I was in the MBA class of 99-01 and we used to play it atleast 5 times in all our parties. oof…it brings back memories of mad drunken revelry. I like the idea of a sunshine moment:)

  2. Lovely story – I am glad for you! Moments like these make so many dark days a silly thing of the past leading upto a grand finale 🙂

    It doesnt matter what people say – you know what you are – and you can kick ass when you want 🙂

  3. Please be ready to sing this song the next time we call. Let’s just say that you can atone that way for your ‘not now – later’ response the last 10 times. 😛 No no…we needs to hear you sing!

  4. wow 🙂 What an amazing post, just like you Ms Smithy!

    & I second Brad. In fact, I’m thinking we should have our May blog meet at a Karaoke place? What say?!

    Hugs to you from 6000 miles away! Trust you’re doing well!

  5. @ Raccoon: Actually I’m not entirely sure about the date. I’d estimate late 60s/early 70s. And yeah, the drunkeness was an integral part of the sunshine moments 😉

    @ Ricercer: It took a movie to bring that out of memory.

    @ Brad, Melody, Ratz: I sound more like a bar-frog than a singer these days so will beg off..I was reminiscing about the good old days when people actually wanted to listen to me and I could keep from shattering glasses!

    @ Shub: No, actually its not. Once you kick off, the song just sort of carries you along in its mood and you don’t feel any strain at all.

  6. I came in late and everybody else has already said everything on this post…my two cents: that it is such an original parallel to draw between Life and Art. I always see the former inspiring the latter and the latter taking it to a higher plane. That’s what you did here, awesome!

  7. This is a great post – good for you! It is about doing what you love and giving it your all and a big FU to the negative people in the world…

  8. Super! To sing Mungda Mungda in front of a college audience without being labeled…! Grand.. I’d give you the bravery award straight away.. and its a difficult song mind you.. 🙂


    Shantanus last idea: So you want my vote?

  9. @ Shantanu: 🙂 I guess it had gone past the stage of labelling – my singing and my life. And no, it isn’t a difficult song to sing at all!! The audience responds so well that their energy carries you through all the notes, high and low!