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  1. Hi. Have you been to a counsellor/ psychiatrist? I used to feel a lot like you do until I got help. And while all the fear and emptiness didn’t go away, I do feel much much better now.

  2. Hi Ramya

    That blog about your birthday was well written, but then to be honest, was expected. What I did not expect, was the anguish and hopelessness you expressed! At least not from a 36 year young, vibrant, energetic Mumbai gal like you! To be honest, it depressed me.

    Am sure glad you did the Art of Living course, which I did too, but several years ago. I would suggest, if I may, you not only keep at it but do the advanced courses as well.

    Also, as much your senior, may I please assure you that every individual has moments of such deep self doubts. From the little I know of you, am very sure and confident that you have the talents and spirit to conquer the world.

    So take heart, lift yourself, chin up and go for it gal!

    Best wishes and warm regards

    Ivan Couto

  3. Happy Birthday! I read this in a pretty different place than you, having just yesterday gotten down 100 pounds from my high of 297, after like 20 months of gradual change. Back close to 2 years ago, I was feeling about as positive about life as you express here. Time does change things. In my case, it was all about making little changes one at a time, locking them into my routine and building on them. For me it was more about physical health, but I’d like to think the same approach is useful for emotional changes.

  4. Happy birthday Idea Smith. As we look back, so much happen in our lives, past success or failures cum the thing that whittle down. I have the same pinch but we keep going. I’ve stopped fighting against things I have no control in life..