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  1. Glad to know I am not alone. Been a loner as a child and grew up playing with self till teens. I love to speak to myself many times. In fact, I am still one introvert of a kind and easily get bored in gatherings:)

  2. the TED App is pretentious? Oh no really…
    I think like everything there are TED talks which are better than others, more engaging or more valuable to us in that moment than others but I find it’s a great resource.
    Sometimes I just want to listen to someone talk about a topic that is completely random or that I haven’t considered before. And time just flies.
    It sounds like you are going for quality companionship rather than quantity which I completely understand. I had a chat the other day with my vet. He is also a remedial horse farrier and I discovered that he uses this skill to create pieces of sculpture. Fab conversation and so much more fulfilling than hours of expat coffee morning chat.
    As always a thought provoking post from The Idea-Smithy.