The cover of the book 'The unbearable lightness of being - Milan Kundera

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  1. I haven’t gone for a date for I know how long for the reasons you listed Ramya…this whole fakery or minting money obsession. It’s good to bond on the love for poetry, arts, and literature. Why not movies?

    1. Dating used to be taboo in India, which meant we were more cautious about who we connected with. We also connected on things like common backgrounds, interests, lifestyle which meant that our social rituals were similar. With the advent of social media & dating apps, it’s not as taboo and there is much more diversity. But it also means that the risks of connecting with someone incompatible are greater.

      I’m not even sure that shared interests (books or movies) is any indication of compatibility because I’ve seen such connections also turn sour in drastic ways like abuse & violence.