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  1. “..from inquiring whether she was geting married to a photograph and a SMS” : well put!

    i really like your women-centric blog – linked you as soon as i saw it. way to go! 🙂

  2. i don’t think i can change the world, i’m not even trying to, but just trying to change my little world. u are right, i would be damned if i go down without a fight. even if this means my father in law calling me a ‘feminist’ and thinks is a passing ‘fad’ to keep you maiden surname. can u believe that!! i’m not changing my name for anybody. i have much respect for my parents and where i come from. i am not going to change it for someone who has spent a fraction of his life with me. NO. NEVER

  3. Now I could swear when I left that comment, there was a comment by Modified which I was replying to. Now that comment is gone.
    Smithy, your blog eating up comments or am I drinking too much?

  4. @modified:
    “marrying a good looking homely wife will not be good if she does not respect your thinking, views…….. ”

    Frankly, marrying any wife will not be good, irrespective of her respect.

    But yes, marrying someone who would make a good looking homely wife will not be good if she does not respect your thinking, views.


  5. This is very sad Smithy, but very true, not only in India but in most countries. I think that is all up to you, it’s your choice. You choose to leave your life and even your own self when you decide WHO to marry. Luckily, you don’t just go with the flow, you’re an intelligent woman who will be very careful of choosing a life partner that understands that fully respects your ideas and doesn’t want to change you a bit.

  6. Nothing could be said to justify what you talk about, and it continues to this day. But there is hope yet.. reasonable hope. Most of the current generation seem to look for the same things in a woman that she would look for in a man.
    About name changes, sad but true, patriarchal families have followed this practice. It would be ideal if both genders modified last names, just so an offspring would not have to deal with the confusion of two last names!
    You don’t have to go down fighting, just keep your last name too 😉

  7. I can cook. Thats the first thing that will go down on my matrimonial resume. 😀 But then, does my wife to be have a green card? High paying job? A Ph.D? Would that question go down well with the womenkind (rather, parents of the woman)? Unfortunately women are married off to men on basis of these things (there are exceptions). Parents look for a guy with security. The day they start looking for guys who can cook, the world will change. Its a simple supply-demand logic which people like us are trying to change. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Rome was not built in a day.

    “Caesar would not be a wolf but for the fact that he knows the Romans to be sheep”

    Yup, stop being the sheep and others will stop being a wolf.