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  1. You you should make changes to the blog name Butch, Not Gay | The XX Factor to something more better for your webpage you write. I loved the post still.

  2. My Lezzie gaydar- yaaa don’t think I have one.
    #1 an ex boss- short crop hair, never seen her in a skirt/dress, said she was gay.
    #2 a patient- long hair, v busty, soft spoken, was scared of needles…. Her partner was “butch”
    #3 another patient curly bob, plaid pants, oversize tee. Partner- mamma bear, v protective, long hair, scared but willing to listen.
    #4 This is tricky. Ex coworker- rumored to be bi.No one knows for sure. But she is v girly looking. Although v fashion challenged. She admires women’s bodies and makes comments like “wow look at her boobs”. Thing is I do too. And I am straight.

    See just can’t slot ’em.

    La Vida Locas last idea: Saying NO to Moral Policing