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  1. I don’t like the way the movie ended. While i agree with him being punished i would never take such a garbage man back. Psychopathy is a spectrum and not everyone is the same. Her planning shows very high iq though.

  2. I loved every bit of this movie. I actually enjoyed the portrayal of Amy in the movie quite a bit. It was different from the book, but I feel like I liked the movie nuance better. But thanks you for sharing your insight.

    1. @shaunakde: I did, as well. I don’t know which I liked better. I think I understood the story and its characters better because I experienced both the movie and the book – they collaborate to give you a complete experience.

  3. Interesting take. I agree that the book gives Amy more layers for us to process. I enjoyed swinging between empathy, sympathy and disgust with both characters. I guess reading is better than watching in most cases. We invest more time and thought, makes it more personal. Enjoyed your thoughts.