Healing Heart

Unfollowed him today. It felt like the right time and way to do it. I let go of my hurt with great difficulty. Today was that day, though, and I’m not going to feel stupid about it.

It may seem sad and pathetic that I feel the need to chronicle such mundanities. And yet, I think it’s a good idea to document my medical history and how I’ve healed from each event. Why not the condition of my heart? Sad isn’t pathetic.

In the evening, as I switched on my camera in hopes of shooting my first flash mob, I thought to clean out any old videos. The first showed a glimpse of him. But before I could hear a single sound, I hit delete. It felt good.

Noises don’t die sudden deaths; they fade away as you move away from them. Healing happens in unpretty, unexpected ways. I guess I found my path to it, singing a corny (but lovely) song to a pretty stranger tonight.

A completely whole heart? Any day now.

4 thoughts on “Healing Heart

  1. What about the songs you heard with the other person watching the full moon? Or the chai shop where you had chai in the twilight hours. Or the monsoons which drenched you guys completely in the narrow street. How does one unfollow them? Help needed.

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