Burn, burn, burn with me
Take a flying plunge deep down into the stomach of a volcano
And swim through the oceans of fire

I promise you…the scars will be worth it
For I will be with you at every step
Enveloping you in a seamless coat of water
Boiling and spreading across in the minutest of bubbles

Till I take you into every atom of the lava
And it pours into your senses
And all that there is, is you.

Fly with me.
One deep breath is all that it needs
And the whisper of wings in your ears
And I’ll lift you beyond the ordinary
And take you to the edge of madness..and beyond.
Its a beautiful world.

Drown in my depths.
One single drop of water
Will seep into the very heart of your planet
And spread across your whole being
And make it alive and beautiful
And mine.

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