confused person crowded activism market AI

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  1. I am definitely a feminist and a vegan activist now. Veganism is about not paying for murder or rape of poor victims enslaved unnecessarily. We don’t have to buy those items. All our needs are met as we are from monkeys anyways, plant based food is cheap and sustainable and doesn’t kill sentient beings or abuse them. It does not cost a thing. Infact when I go shopping I save up by not buying 90 percent of the items that are anyways useless and cancer, mental and physical illness causing. My dad died due to heart attacks eating chicken and eggs, dairy, etc
    It is anti human and inhuman to have animal farming or breeding. We are also the same as human animals. I believe in non discrimination and nob speciesism as its dna based discrimination..just like racism against cows, goats, birds, fish, etc who are so cute. I love them. ❤️
    Blessed Be. Lots of Love and Light.

    1. @Swati Prakash: I actually included veganism in my thinking and this post after reading your recent discourse online on going vegan. I believe in you and what you stand for. My family has been vegetarian for most of their lives except when it came to health considerations. When my mother was pregnant with me, the doctors diagnosed her as too weak to bear a child so she had to eat an egg every day. My medication for a debilitating condition right now includes fish oil as an ingredient. We have not been able to find viable alternatives in such cases.

      My post is more about the morality associated with people acting on a cause in a specific way. The caste politics in India have elevated vegetarianism to spiritual holiness while simultaneously exploiting humans of oppressed castes and cows. I wrote (a hre=””>another post about the economic and social factors around food choices. With these in mind, how a person expresses what they align with is much more nuanced. That’s what I wanted to point out.