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  1. Haha! Nope I meant, did the guy in question actually google for the restaurant/lookup the word etc? What a show-off!

  2. @ shub: ‘Said man’ did not invent the toy but some other man did 😀

    @ Stranger: You had fair warning.

    @ Precious: Interesting??!! *sputter sputter* IdeaSmith is tired of toys, games and toy-boys. But forever delighted with the unintended amusement that their capers bring (and the toons they result in!)

  3. by the way, you should have either had a toy or should have had another boy with such a toy and then the fun would really begin…..
    Precious advises Ideasmith to be armed with such toys in the future so that she could be entertained better while the kids are at play!

  4. 1. I was still in college when such chains were set up, perhaps Bagalore is shade better than Mumbai in that respect.

    2. Stats against the BB
    Easy – Win1 Lose 0
    Hard – Win 2 Lose 1
    Very Hard – Win 2 Lose 1
    Master- Win1 Lose 2

    How does that correspond to weekly losing?

    3. Lookup once more.

    An argument won subtly is not lost.

  5. “Why do men invent toys that make them look like even bigger fools than before?”
    hehehe! 😀
    Seriously, did he actually do that? Jeez!