high angle photo of people

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  1. Ah, this no good. Makes me feel bad now, terrible in fact!
    So I have just one hobby to boast of now – blogging? But with so many people on twitter, and microblogging, that also won’t be classified as a hobby, right?

    But no, I get your points, and so valid they are! Time to trim my bio!

  2. seems a little like a rant .. and some words look forced 🙂

    photography : sometimes the bigger lens generates a better quality image. Granted, nothing good will come out of a photo if you don’t have some good light and composition and just the bigger lens; but still with all other
    might be a tiny weeny bit, but still still there.
    and hobbyists do spend hours and hours gushing over how the newest model from canon reduces the number of noisy red dots in a 100% blown up image from 100 per square inch to 80; or something like that.
    Ah well. after all whats a hobby good for, unless it takes a lot of your time ? 🙂