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  1. Two posts on your blog made me happy 1) the post where you wrote all men were not as bad as the first abusive ex. -healing realisation 2) The simple question post . You have been though a lot and now you will be stronger and wiser,which will help you find the right balance in your life .And your thought on your blog will help other understand the opposite gender much better and help their relations a lot . keep sharing

    1. @sam: Thank you very much for that comment. Often the comments from male readers of this blog are angry, hate-filled or invalidate what I’m saying. It’s heartening to know there are also men who’re reading and not seeing a monster to be taken down but a human being with her own opinions, to converse with.

  2. Life is Long Ideasmith…..thats all i can say..with the thought that thats all that needs to be said…