Death Carrying a Child

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  1. That day i was taken aback hearing this news.Hope you get over it soon , IS. You’re a strong woman. You must have been many’s support there, absolutely no doubt about it.
    Keep the faith.

  2. Tears you don’t see may yet be tasted by the one being ‘strong’. A weep in solitude may be the only option, for what would one do when they see their rock crumble – whoever that rock may be.
    Take care Smithy.

  3. beautiful… sorry about your uncle…

    but dont you think strength lies in accepting a certain fact (atleast in this case) and getting on ahead with life, rather than feeling bad about it over and over and over again…

  4. “For every woman… About a woman… Because I am a woman”…I read ur blog title and thought twice before commenting…but a quick check of the make up of other commentors allayed my fears..

    firstly, my sincere condolences regarding ur uncle’s death..

    Though I agree with u that there exists a kinda of predefined role for every gender and age, things r surely evolving into a more equalitarian society, not just in political sense…now the question is how soon can we ring in this new order ?

    (I haven’t given thought to this….but would this new order surely be better than the current one ?)

  5. The social barbwire in any community, I believe, urges a male to put on an armor of stoic endurance, whether he wants to or not. I’ve noticed, some can’t cry, even if they want to and I don’t understand why! Condolences about your relative.