Fragonard, The Reader by Jean-Honoré

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  1. A very thorough and thoughtful article Ramya. Reading this in 2023 makes one wonder how many of the places are still open. I am sure the pandemic and people moving on to e-books would’ve made a change.

    Would be awesome if you could do a similar updated article on what’s new and greatest from the world of books in Mumbai. It would help bibliophile visitors and residents alike!

    Thanks and cheers

  2. Nice list!! You forgot the book sellers on the streets of Matunga though 🙂 There are also many mini libraries and second-hand book stalls there.. One good second-hand book shop cum library is next to Mysore Concerns (filter coffee shop). The smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with the smell of old books is ultimate bliss. Also, you should stop telling people about the Parel-Elphinstone bridge. I stay at Elphinstone road and love the fact that the crowd starts coming in the train from Dadar (when I’m travelling towards Borivili) and not from Elphinstone. I atleast get a place to sit in the train.. If more people start changing railway lines from Elphinstone, I will lose my seat 😛 Already, the numbers have increased.. 😀

  3. @ ??!: Will do when I’m that side of town next. But no, I never knew about the other floor…more missed opportunities!

    @ greekalphabet: Of course. But I wasn’t impressed with their collection.

    @ Rada: Ah, another loyalist! I haven’t been able to visit the place in ages though…I really hope they’re still up and running!

  4. The New and Second Hand Bookshop at Dhobi-Talao!
    Before entering, I used to gulp down an ati-histamine tablet, so dusty was the place!
    Good to know it still exists!

    Great post, btw..

    Rada’s last blog post..Paris Diary: 1

  5. I love people at Landmark. few days back i was hunting for the book my jean paul sartre. and i finally found at landmark, after 3 hours of searching around, where along with my friend, almost 5 more people from staff were helping us out.

    i agree that mumbai is not a place for readers, but well at least i am happy there are people like u and me are around.


  6. You should check-out Smoker’s Corner, although the quality varies now. Right down the end of the Bombay Store road.

    Also, did you ever visit the little room on the mezzanine of New&Secondhand? That’s where all the real gems are hidden.