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  1. when one of my closest friends got married…I made her an apron (from scratch) with the word ‘The world’s best cook’ …..and below that in smaller print ‘gave it to me ‘ embroidered on it 🙂
    she being the i -hate-stepping-into the kitchen types loved it!

    nothing like a personal touch I guess..of course its tough when u dunno the people getting amrried too well!

  2. you seem like you need to be introduced to the concept of “recycling gifts” wherein, in case you receive gifts which you dont like, or you receive gifts that you already possess, you recyle them into another package and gift it on the next appropriate ocassion.. this helps a lof of shopping-abhorers like you and me…

    i am trying to implement this, but the only problem is that, nobody gifts me anything… so i essentially have nothing to recycle…

    but i live on the hope that someday, i WILL try 🙂

  3. yeah! completely agree with ur idea of couple small gifts instead of a Big One…and gifts..i dont know when i ever stop buying them.. feels like when on celebration is over the next one pops up ..and the cycle continues:))

  4. Buying a gift is an art in itself, something that, I must confess, has completely passed me by. But it also depends on who you’re buying the gift for. If it’s an obligation,it’ll be a pain to have to go through shop after shop, looking for that one thing that you hope will not only not seem insubstantial but will actually be appreciated and even have some utility value. I remember teaming up with a close friend, long ago, to buy a wall clock (I know!) as a wedding gift for an older business associate. Guess what? The clock adorns the pride of place in his house and he says he loved it! So, next time, maybe the stainless steel shop won’t be such a bad place to go to 🙂