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  1. first I admired you now, I admire your mom too.

    Wish I had read this post earlier I would have thought of wishing my mom too.

  2. hello.. you know i didnt even know it was women’s day. Its kinda pointless. Its only celebrated by the women that don’t need it.

    So, what’s your main blog. Your profile has, like 11.

  3. Just the existence of ‘Woman’s day’ symbolizes a sexist attitude and is extremely illogical, and people who support/celebrate it also portray a vein of similar thoughts! Woman’s day…just another day seeded by some fanatic illogical feminist!

  4. Now a days feel utterly boring when i hear some common wishes like happy new year , happy bday etc. etc…(they are so common or I would say mechanical now, i feel they are almost without any meaning or emotion attached it with) but wish from ur mom ->”Happy women’s day to the young lady who elevated me to motherhood:-)” was splendid…cool..