Xion says that holding onto bad experiences is like watching a movie while thinking about the most disastrous film you’ve ever seen. The possibly passable flaws in the current one seem disproportionately bigger. That was yesterday.

Today is a rush of old, bad memories. Someone’s still watching me. Why? A picture that reminds me of someone I wish I’d never met. Why did it pop up right there, right now? WHY?

No answers, no answers. But a lot more practice and a tiny little insight. I’m still breathing. I’m still standing. And I’ll go back to smiling.

Any minute now.

2 thoughts on “Unpleasant Reminders”
  1. […] Xion is an old colleague and friend. When he started a relationship, we went out to dinner talked about the new woman in his life for over three hours. We repeated that meeting a month later, when I found Mr.Everyday. I get along well with Xion’s girlfriend. She’s young, fresh and bright but also intelligent and warm. Just the kind of girl I’d get along with, anytime, anyplace. Mr.Everyday likes Xion (which doesn’t surprise me, Xion really is easy to like). They bond over gaming and occasional girlfriend jibes. […]

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