I See Hope Silently

Let the waves come
Let the winds blow
Let me be soaked, burnt, frozen
Trampled by every manner of foe

Let the shouts rise
Let the voices echo
Let there be slogans, insults, cries
And words that land like blows

I will melt, I will break
I will drown, I will sear
I will bear every wound & ache; no defenses
I’ll welcome even fear

When the storm ceases & tide passes,
I’ll blink in the sand
From within melting ice shards
I’ll reach out a charred hand

And it will be open in welcome
Not clutching fist or weapon
Nor holding need or accusation
I am hope, I’m the future

A blade of grass & wildflower
Where once battles were fought
This is how I endure, this is my valour
When all’s yelled & done, my silence will live long after

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