Just So Stories - Rudyard Kipling

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  1. This one’s refreshing because you’re breaking out of the mould. I’m going to assume you haven’t read that Rudyard Kipling story where a caveman family invent the alphabet (one of his Just So Stories). It’s the same story, with slight differences, but you’re forgiven because you’re venturing so far out of what you’re comfortable with. If I were you (and how luck we both are that I’m not), I would have wondered around and about the first story playing with other vocabulary before finally stumbling on enough words to put together the words “Let there be light”, thus making the story a little more captivating and meritorious of one more reread.

    1. @Ronaan Roy: Read and loved that tale! And well, the story of creation has to be the oldest tale ever. How many ways can the human mind think of, to tell it? It had to be there in an experiment of this sort.

      Still, collating the related associations & references are an unexpected bonus feature of this exercise. So, thank you.

  2. Lovely, sweet little twist on creation.
    The bit with the colours all mixed up was funny. The story before all stories, and quite possibly one story to tell them all.
    “Let there be light!”