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  1. Scary. On a rather more elemental level. Too many people are scarred and left broken by child abuse, especially by a loved one. The reactions are spot on and the man’s emotions, his actions are beautifully captured.
    A peek into so many dysfunctional marriages at one go.

    1. @febinmathew: ‘Dysfunctionhtal’ is sad but right. I don’t know if relationships like this really do have hope. Eventually one partner is going to get tired of giving and giving and giving.

        1. @febinmathew: So have I. And it wasn’t pretty or hopeful. Never again, I said. Is that the end of hope? I choose not to think about it.

  2. could she be a manic depressive and rahul the rescuer…it is a good psychological thriller, but i fell it could be a novella rather than a short piece of fiction…

    1. @ravishankar: Hmm, that’s a direction I didn’t consider. In my mind, Kavya is a child abuse survivor and exhibits the post-traumatic symptoms that play into her marital life too.