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  1. @ N: Sorry I couldn’t call at midnight, gurl…the phone lines were all jammed. Talk to you tomorrow!

    @ Echo: Thank you. A very happy 2007 to you too!

    @ Sense: Greattt. Usual time?

  2. @ Pravin: Thenk yew. Don’t count the days…I’m rather enjoying this year, why wait for the moment when it’ll be time to say goodbye?

    @ Ratz: 🙂 Meeting you was one of memorable moments this year.

    @ Melody: Yippee! So you’re feeling better now, sunshine?

    @ Sundar: Thank you. Wish you the same.

  3. “Laughing really hard, running like mad till I was out of breath, bumping headlong into friends, falling flat on my face, the ground giving way beneath me and discovering suddenly…that I could fly!”

    Sounds Simply Divine!

    PS: After reading your replies to Saks & Pensive, I shall not leave any NY greeting here but hug you in person 🙂