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  1. I hate to be a disagree views on your blog . seeing the reaction to dissenting views on your fb page and twitter.

    The only way to stop a terrorist is to think like a terrorist. The same goes for any criminal perpetrator. Till this documentary ,we never knew how the perpetrators of the crime thought. There have been millions of similar crimes ,but sadly law enforcement does not keep a database of interviews or works on the information to stop future crimes.

    “For the rest, I think it will only humanize a monster and glorify his actions. I fear to think of what a world of me-toos will look like.”
    There are a lot of main stream movies which are idolized and people translate the actions into real life. But the person needs to be a character worth emulating .

    “Take a look down the comments there to see how India responds.”
    With rise of low cost mobile phones . The rise of perpetrators and sympathizers commenting online will rise. Those opposing usually do not waste their time commenting on youtube videos. The quality posts just get drowned in noise.

    “It doesn’t present any new facts”
    It does. For the first time in three years we know how one of the perpetrators thing. Sadly we do not know how the other thing and how the worst of them the juvenile thought (someone bumped him off )
    what new facts ? people may ask
    1) We now know perpetrators think intelligently and can modify their actions actions according to the changes in law. We earlier thought of them as mindless monsters who just follow their beastly instinct. [the perpetrator says what future rapists would do ,indicating he has been keeping himself abreast with the latest law changes. ]

    Rape is being made normal by the male:female ratio and this is supported by woman in villages.
    google “One rescue and the multiple existential crises of policemen in Palwal”. This will tell you why delhi will always be unsafe ,till these villages are helped

    Rape can be a perfectly modern weapon that is intimately connected to other systems of privilege, exploitation and inequality, including, in the Indian context, caste oppression, religious chauvinism, resource appropriation [the guardian]