Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Fall In Love

There is much around that aggravates us, moves us to strong responses. Especially living in a harsh metropolis as I do, daily life sometimes seems like no more than a string of moments that are blaring horns, carbon monoxide spewing exhaust pipes, economic disparity, greed, fear, anger, struggle and cynicism.

But I heard something today that made me see hope even in that. Dad was telling me about a few minutes of a radio interview that he happened to catch, of a well-known chef. The man talked of what he loved doing. He said he did something basic, it was cooking, it was making food. But for him it was art. Dad said something about that conversation made him realize that with everything around us, we can choose to get angry or nitpick or find fault with or be offended by. Or we can choose to look at what a wonderful experience it is.

I can’t quite explain the profundity of that realization, except as this. We sometimes envy the ability of very young children to see everything as a grand adventure. A puddle is a fun thing to jump into. A traffic jam is a smorgasbord of sights and sounds. A car horn is just as delightful a musical instrument as a piano.

Perhaps the newness of things wears away for us and we assume that we can’t take delight in such things any more, as we get older. But how about seeing art in everything? Writing is a delight, an exquisite pleasure, a real calling for me. I love the sound, the texture, the shape & form of words. I enjoy playing catch-catch with ideas, using words as my lasso. I delight in laying out words in different designs to say the same thing. Words, language, writing – this is all art for me. That’s why I delight in conversations, in people communicating with each other. Because every word that is being thought up, written down or spoken aloud is an opportunity for me to fall in love.

Yes, love. It’s the love that makes me want to jump up and down in sheer joy and clap my hands. It’s love that makes me sigh and close my eyes in contented contemplation. It’s love that goes into the little spaces between my organs and fills me up in a way that makes my body sit right within my skin. It’s love that gives me my place in the world and the love that makes me feel good to be alive, to be a part of this universe.

Anything that merits a response, a reaction is the start of something touching you deep within. And that is a chance to fall in love. The worst that can happen is that, it’ll not be magical. There’s another new moment, the very next moment. And that love, that’s love that can happen for a person, a place, a conversation, an idea, an activity, an experience or just about anything else. In our living, there is tremendous potential for love and in our loving, is the fullest living.

How can you live anything but passionately, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fall in love again and again and again, every single minute?

2 thoughts on “Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Fall In Love

  1. This is so well written, that one doesn’t read it, rather one listens to it, as a friend talking to you. That is the power of thought and power of writing. Every moment around us is pregnant with a future, and holds within it the possibility of becoming a heaven or a hell.

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