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  1. A guy coaxing, wheedling on the second date looks more like a opportunist than someone who wants to know you on a deeper level.

    Does these 4 step date-meetings meetings happen a lot in mumbai?
    i guess it works for those who need that kind of intimacy .
    it fulfills the fast primal needs conversation and sex and detachment .

    Sex ,intimacy is a very important factor which motivates both partner to really engage the other. But a partner who really enjoys your company and intelligent conversation will suppress or delay the urge .

    I am happy you suggested something non-spectacular, like a walk or just a chat .I believe long term relations work ,if you are comfortable just hanging out without the food,uber-cool conversations. Real people cant always have uber-cool conversations.

    The flip flopping kind is what really puts me off. one person want to hang out more than the other and expects reciprocation (being frank,straightforward) .Kept getting mixed messages for years till i finally got the message that i needed to detach and find another movie partner .it took me a long time to acknowledge the unspoken message in the coldness . And like you rightly said “being around someone you don’t really connect to, is a hell far worse than being alone” . I really felt a lot happier .

    A person who is juggling does not cancel without apology .A guy who is juggling wants to be in the good books of all the woman.
    Mostly it is done by a person who does not care if the partner leaves or stays or get hurt due to his behavior . Human behavior is complicated. We will only know the real reason by asking the guy his reasons straight on his face .but i realised being frank is never appreciated .