So now I have a new kitchen, one that doesn’t come with the ‘strictly vegetarian’ tag. Sadly, I don’t have the time that I used to have to spend there. For better part, this bright, airy and well-cupboarded kitchen is used to set up the clothes drying stand (a must-have in rain-soaked Mumbai at the minute!).

But today, the sun came out after four days of non-stop rain. Yes, I know the monsoons have been a welcome respite from the heat but the colour of the sky has a direct impact on my mood. I took heart after the gloomy weekend.

I didn’t really have the time for an elaborate meal, what with a full schedule to think of. But I did have a packet of Venky’s salami cuts in my freezer. The boy introduced me to the joy of cold cuts and I’ve been delighting over them ever since. Last week, I chopped up sausages into the pasta that I rustled up on a whim. The leftovers of that experiment came in handy for my lunch today.


  • 1/4 packet of Venky’s (Cold Cut Chicken Salami slices – 10 slices for Rs.30)
  • Amul cheese cubes
  • Green olives (My personal favorites are whole, seedless & pimento-stuffed)
  • Four slices of bread (I used brown)


  1. Thaw the salami in the microwave. I only let it go till the frosty ice had all melted away. Then I drained the water and let it mircrowave for another 10 seconds, till it was soft but not hot.
  2. Grate cheese over 1 slice of brown bread.
  3. Lay out a salami slice onto it. I succeeded in tearing a couple of salami slices while getting them out of the pack, so I arranged them around to fill the entire square area of the bread slice.
  4. Chop green olives in thin slices over the salami.
  5. Grate another layer of cheese over this.
  6. Cover with another slice of brown bread.
  7. ENJOY!


Serves one too lazy/busy to cook stomach. I washed mine down with a glass of guava juice. How’s that for a nutritious, tasty, filling and easy meal?!

For the extra carnivorous among you, meat it up by adding more salami slices in the layer. If you have a big mouth, make a three-tier sandwich!

I love how colourful this looks. You can also add ketchup between layers or tomato slices for a brighter sandwich.


Also served at Plain Salted.

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