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    1. @Anu: Hey, thank you! That’s very encouraging since I’m just getting started on style-blogging. BTW, I Style is the section featuring whacky, original apparel on other people (mostly) while I Wear is the section that covers what I wear (whacky or otherwise).

  1. You certainly can’t expect the readers to actually read your post if you post such hot pictures. You look great. What happened to all the face blurring ventures?

    1. @Brad: Umm, these pictures were shot on a great camera by a friend. They turned out so well, I didn’t have the nerve to touch them. Will not be a regular feature, m’afraid unless E Vestigio decides to become official photographer for The Idea-smithy!

  2. You look lovely! Excellent pictures. Now that’s the kind we want to see on this blog… 🙂 Know what, I would probably look the same if I wear those clothes. I guess we resemble each other a fair bit, down to the hair.

    1. @Lakshmi: I thought you were smart and attractive so that’s a compliment. 😀 And the pics are by a friend who is a great photographer. I’m not quite as much, sorry to say. There’s just this much bandwidth available to devote to various interesting things.

      1. And I think you’re VERY smart and VERY attractive too. So that makes it the two of us… 🙂

        Get a decent camera and you can pass off as a good photographer, really! If you intend to put up more pictures here, then find a basic DSLR. You’ll be amazed at the quality of the pictures and without any additional effort. Just that the camera won’t fit into the palm of your hand any more… 🙁