Fleeting, mutual intimacies are the promise of a digital life. Button-precise firing, swipe right swooshy ease. Sex on tap, conversations at a click, a scream space on demand. And cessation with minimal effort, left-swipe, unmatch, block, ghost.

Fleeting, mutual intimacies are like sour candy coated with sugar and painted in many colours. They exist to remind you that sweetness exists and to punish you for tasting too much. And we forget such things as honey also live in the same world. Brown and messy, with no aftertaste but also no health issues.

Fleeting , mutual intimacies look & sound really good but make you feel very little. There’s a reason movies use them so much. Because you’re never really in the story. The best you can be, is in a theatre, watching from what you think is outside. But it’s just light & shadows on a cloth screen with spilt popcorn on the floor.

Fleeting, mutual intimacies are like this name. The second word isn’t even necessary because it’s not intimacy unless it’s mutual. But it sounds nice and carries a visual balance. The title can afford to forsake it because it’s disposable.

But not everything that is fleeting is. Not all that’s mutual can be thrown away. And intimacy may live out its life but it can’t be frozen. Together though, these words form something that looks & sounds sharp.

Watch where they slice you.


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