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  1. im almost’a year late in coming up with a omment but i guess it s due…
    ytf shud a bad boy be a villain
    i don see t..
    y cud nt he be somebody who wants to do as he wants, and whne he wants, and LIVE
    plus that’s what gets them women on to them bad boys, bad boys want to live before they die, good guys want to plan before they live, and bad boys fuck their good women when the good boys plan…

  2. @ All: I never expected this post to get such an overwhelming response! I’m not going to comment anymore – I think I’ve had my say on this topic. Though, if you’re a visitor who hasn’t commented as yet, please feel free to jump in!!

  3. this is an honest description — rare indeed.

    it’s really amazing how bad-boy game changes your life as a guy: suddenly you live in sexual abundance. it’s great. i love this.

    the key is: never take anything she says seriously and always keep her somewhat deprived of validation. you need to learn to push her away at just the right moment, and then to catch her again, gently and lovingly.

    as a naturally loving guy, i find that having multiple girlfriends helps avoid overdosing any of your relationships on the sweetness — sweetness is the antidote to sex.

    if a woman is too sexually aggressive, i put my arm around her and kiss her on the head very sweetly. this cools her instantly. (plus now she likes me — perhaps she has a hotter friend.)

    having multiple girls has additional advantages: they tend to reassure each other of how hot you are. as a result, two girlfriends do not mean twice the love, but four times the love for you: each of them loves you more.

    if being respected as equals is just unsexy to women — what can we do but oblige.

    it took me some time to accept the superior role. but when a girl drops to her knees, you can do nothing less sexy than dropping to yours or asking her to get back up.

    while male sexuality is all about female beauty and does not require domination or power play. females have a deep need to be dominated.

    as soon as your behavior starts hinting that domination – even degradation – may be in your sexual repertoire, girls go wild with desire.

    i think we can all agree that these facts are crucial to male and female happiness. they need to be taught to kids in high school. everybody good with that?

  4. I don’t think it’s really a bad boy in absolute terms that a woman is attracted to. It’s just that if a woman is not good enough for a certain guy, he would not care about her and, in her eyes, would become a bad boy.

    I see this is in my own behaviour. I mean I end up treating different girls differently and the girls I don’t care about keep coming back to me.

  5. Women in general are insecure and most of them suffer from self-pity subconsciously. Bad boys offer them a reason to feel bad about themselves. We dont complain, nail her and never call her again

  6. i liked ur post…myself used to get kicks from playing a bad boy..till i began to realise it s just me playing the fool…deliberately..funnily..when in love i began to act up like a really nice guy…almost a hubby type…was shcoked by the transition..and went back to who i was…after the break just a happy man with busy dates..thank you..!!!

  7. It isnt that a bad boy gets the women because he’s “bad”, its because he looks good. A bad boy is bad because he can be. There’s always another women waiting. Come on! Would you women f*** or date a guy who was ugly, bad teeth, short, whatever ………even tho he has an attitude? No……………! That what women call a “creep”. Women go for looks. Guys with looks got attitude because they can get away with it. You don;t like it? NEXT!!

    It’s looks stupid.

  8. A lot of “bad boys” show up as “good guys” first, let’s not forget that point. Also, yes, women can be condescending, mean, hateful, spiteful, etc.. but who can’t (for all you women bashers)! I think that most women who get involved with “bad boys” TRY to see the good in them, and that’s where the whole stick and stay attitude comes from. We’re nurturers by nature! I think for every woman out there who’s dated a “bad boy”, there comes a point where you have to decide if this is “REALLY” what you want. Sometimes we just want good secks :). If not, you just have to let his azz go. When you stay, and he treats you even worst, that’s where all the negative attitude comes from, that’s when it becomes your issue.

    And by the way, good guys have GREAT secks too, but the styles are different….

    It all depends on what the woman wants at the time.

  9. I’m a jerk and i do not see any women lusting for me at the moment. This must be an error filled idea otherwise the eve story is more based on something than i thought it was.

  10. A bad boy is the kind of man who doesn’t need women. He likes women, sex with them and such, but does not need them. He never needs to say he doesn’t need her, but the woman knows deep down that he can discard her tomorrow and she will be replaced with a younger hotter girl. In the end, that is exactly what happens too.

    Why does he do this? Because he can. Because women are dumb enough to let it happen. This is also why we bad boys have no respect for females, how can a man respect and trust a woman who actively works against her best .interest?

  11. I love badboys….always have, always will. It’s the whole idea that they are cocky, usually rude, have their own rules of RESPECT, they LOVE in their own warped senses, and basically do whatever they want to. Deep down inside of us all is the desire to do whatever we want, without consequences….badboys don’t fear the consequences. Not all badboys HIT. I like the challenge of seeing who can be the one in control; the badboys think they are, we badgirls KNOW we are…we just let our badboys act like they are.

  12. so, does the bad boy concept apply to midgets as well? I mean, you don’t see nice girls falling for “bad boy” midgets.

  13. This question has been around for many years,if women would
    stop and observe and decide if
    the man needs a mommi or a
    wife you would`nt have so many
    promblems.(I`m sorry to say.)

  14. i agree with jet99, except for the “cheating” aspect. That’s the wrong word. The “evolutionary imperative” for the female is to mate with the Alpha Male – hence the fascination with the “bad boy” – self-confident, brash, competent, cool. Hence also the recently studied phenom of women’s sex dreams usually featuring rock stars, politicians, and other public figures. The “evolutionary imperative” for the male is to scatter his genes as widely as possible in the gene pool – hence the propensity to (what jet99 called) “cheat”. Men’s sex dreams feature sex with a succession of different partners.
    I have a woman friend who was burned by her last “bad boy”, and afterwards picked a good boy by using her brain to select the traits the bad boy didn’t have. Now she struggles every day to maintain her new relationship in the face of crushing boredom – and to suppress the flip-flop her heart gives when she sees her old flame on the street.

  15. So all kinds of nice looking women seek bad boys for their mate? What a pity. To enjoy being hurt and ignored. Yes, so hot!

    Maybe if a woman understood God a little better they might find joy and purpose in someone who has more to offer than an ego. Women like you complete the puzzle. Guys are jerks and women are naive and they go together so nicely to make life miserable for themselves and everyone around them.

  16. Glad you agree. Although what I said sounds offensive … it is …. but I hold no judgement, as I am not God/judge/jury. I have learned to see things and withold judgement, just observe and not let what I see bother me inside, so that what I see is wrong does not get in me and make me wrong. If you would like to understand this more, go to and get the free material and find your true identity. Best wishes.

  17. I think you have it all wrong. Women don’t want a bad boy, who would want to date a bad person? Women are looking for the Lone Ranger, The Fonze, Batman…you get the idea. Women want strength, excitement, and independence, and who wouldn’t, but what they get are bad boys.

    Bad boys contain many of these ideal traits, but they also contain some bad ones. Women are attracted to the good, and bad boys cover up the bad, at least until they have sex, and then it all comes out. Women who wake up with a bad boy then engage in a campaign to reform him, because they think there is some good to reform, after all they have seen the good, or at least the good act.

    Women might do better to start with a nice guy and cultivate the traits they like. I imagine it would be easier, since deep down all guys want to be the Lone Ranger, and even if you fail you’ve still got a nice guy, while a failed reformation of a bad boy leaves you with a bad person.

  18. You ladies want a challenge. Bad boys are the wrong challenge.

    Here’s the right challenge. Make yourself a woman with growth potential and a future. Find a similar gentleman who needs no “fixing”. Then build a satisfying & fulfilling life with each other avoiding life’s pitfalls and humanity’s frailities. And while you’re at it, raise a child that requires no fixing. Now that’s a challenge.

    Onegr8guy 🙂

  19. Really and truly, every guy has a “bad boy” in them. Some are just scary and many are impotent in mind and in aggression. Women like men who take charge. It’s the women who can’t get over being with a bad boy who, when they can’t take it any more, become a feminist and start agreeing with Rosie and Ellen bashing men, hating men instead of facing their pitiful reality, that they fell for a bad boy. He rocked their world. They built up this image in their mind that they could change him. He didn’t change and NOW they resent the fact that they allowed all that mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse to go on for so long. So they LASH out crying male abuse. A bad boy…c’mon…you guys termed the behavior yourself….so who’s really the victim and who’s really the suspect. Many women, go for what they like. Don’t cry wolf when a man starts howling as you see how many lingerie commercials the media endorses and how short you can get your dress before another BAD BOY in sheeps clothing snatches you into his cave of no escape! JK

  20. @ schahid: By bad boys I do mean those who exhibit bad behaviour.

    @ Joe: Thanks, I agree. But we could make this conversation a little less offensive, couldn’t we?

    @ KAR: That’s an interesting thought. I don’t know if it is true in India though since there seem to be an equal number of ‘non-bad boys’ as well.

    @ wesr: Hmm, I’m not surprised.

  21. only resean which i understand that number of women in USA are more than bays so they accept bad boys and keep in mind she will turn him as a good boy or her mood.

  22. You are corrupt at heart. Not a nice person. You are addicted to contempt, so “bad boys” or weak wimps give you a feeling of contempt (hate) to which you are addicted (although you don’t see your addiction). You have inherited the hate/contempt that all women have for all men, either secretly or overtly, and so have to keep going back to the scene of the crime to reinforce the wrong nature that has become you (not the real you that you might have been). A truly good man, should you meet one, does not reinforce the corrupt nature in you, the one that feeds on hate/contempt, so you are not attracted to this type of man. If there is any “real” you left inside, then you might recognize what I say by this, that you need to continue to have contempt for all men, which is the judgement/hate to which you are addicted.

  23. nice commentsabout badboys
    bad commentens for good guys
    writer means bad boys means actually bad behaivior boys going with bad girls /prositutes
    nice girls can not effort them even one second
    and its TRUE.
    bad boys always goes with bad girls

  24. @ JET99: That’s an impressive write-up. I agree, of course, albeit with some embarassment.

    @ Mark: Thanks for dropping by, nevertheless. My writing and I are not always intelligent.

  25. After reading an article like the one above, men should take women seriously, why??? It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  26. Clever analysis, however the causation most likely ties to the fact that female “chemistry’ (the kind they crave) Alpha/cheating/controlling males for the first 3 to 5 million years of human existence – were much better at getting a female’s genes moved forward

    Point is: male seed spreaders in evolution won the survival game and women’s genes know it, and famale evolutionary baggage via their DNA is still making decisions -as if it were millions of years ago, as genes barely recognize such modern constructs as marriage and committment

    Noncontrolling, honest, sincere, monogamous “nice guys” are subconsciously deemed as evolutionary dead-ends and thus are deemed boring, and in effect offer females poor genetic survival prospects going forward

    Whereas the “bad boy/jerks” can offer the illusive and exciting (and ultimately irrelevant of course) promise of genetic immortality something genes, being selfish in nature, prefer

    Think of this example: consider that many females could meet some guy that acts and looks like Sean Connery (minus the Bond image) in his prime – and if he also happened to act respectful, faithful, and acted like a general “nice guy” with some of these women – it would be a big turnoff for many

    To get the big chemistry – they need males more closely fitting the evolutionary norm – males that just want and need to cheat all the time.

  27. hmmmmmm, cool. I used to be bothered by stuff like this, then i learned how to act like a bad boy. I found out that women who liked bad boys were not my type. Back to being mister nice guy! 🙂

  28. @ Diviya: We’re all masochists, aren’t we?

    @ Rads: LOL….looks like we’re all facing the same crises! Welcome to XXFactor and I hope I see you around again!

  29. I used to be bad, Now I am worse.

    🙂 Just couldnt help that (isnt that a characteristic?).. coming here after ages… most of it was getting kind of monotonous.. but you can surprise.


  30. @ DC: 🙂 I guess. But I think I’ve hit the end of the roll so will let these posts stay for awhile. Ditto you on all the Bad Boy observations!

    @ Artful Badger: LOL…is it? Do you have another theory?

  31. Woman, thou art on a roll.
    You forgot the sarcasm, the can go to hell attitude, the i don’t give a damn…
    I think women love them because we think we can change them and make them nice….or nice-r while they still retain vestiges of their sarcasm/thrills…..
    Who knows. We all fall for the unattainable and treasure the ones that take hard work to come to us. The thrill of a chase…