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  1. my fav lines

    • Etched into varna locks, no entry, no exit

    • Branded as lines of destiny, bhagya, dharma, karma

    • my country houses many gods

    Every corner, every turn yields another deity

    They loom large, they lurk in every breath

    • So many saviors but no healing in sight

    • My country is a battlefield of many gods

    • A country is a conversation, a communion of many ideas

      1. Hey idea, a happy sunday morning to you. Well , i think i am able to see polytheism and polyamory in same frame and i say this respectfully in a positive sense . Our country had always been hungry for spiritual knowledge the many gods we have attest to this fact. Also maybe so much of the religion is all hypocrisy. And am extremely skeptical of religious people, its weird on one hand we are seeking God and the other hand we are kicking humans who are created in the image of God.

        Sorry to say this but am thoroughly convinced that we are a nation of hypocrites. We act holy in temples and churches and do all sorts of evil outside the places of worship. who are we fooling i do not understand? God? others ? or ourselves?

        To sum it up, the poem reflects the hypocrisy of human nature. And am thoroughly convinced much of the evil that happens under the sky, happens in the name of good and God.