Why People Cheat

Some admit it’s a thrill to be desired by one who isn’t supposed to feel that way, to feel wanted despite knowing it’s wrong.

Cheating is rarely about the person being cheated on. The world abounds in people cheating on attractive, intelligent, popular, successful partners. “Because they make me feel bad about myself” is about the cheating person’s feelings and how they deal.

Cheating is not about love or sex. It’s not about the boredom we inevitably experience in longterm relationships. When the price for entertainment is so high but someone is willing to pay it, that’s not the need they’re seeking to fulfil.

Cheating shows poor impulse control. It has to do with unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions & emotions. These are traits of people who haven’t evolved beyond rudimentary emotions. Things happen to them; they don’t create or cause anything.

We are all driven by a desire to control because it makes us feel safer in a world of uncertainty. Adults express this by anticipating the future & preparing. Control is an illusory idea. There are too many variables, too little truly possible to manage. The ones who try believe they have no choice – that the alternate (to surrender to not knowing) is harder.

A person who cheats either failed at their attempt to control or never believed they had in them to try. They feel small, weak, powerless and finally resentful about it. A person who cheats is effectively punishing the world for their bad feelings about themselves.

Cheating is about power. There is a kick in knowing one can cause hurt. It’s the instinct that makes small children stomp on ants, kick animals or break plants. It’s shallow pleasure, humiliating someone who doesn’t know they’re being insulted – akin to kids making faces behind the backs of adults. Anyone who gets off on that, has never really tasted the pleasure of owning a moment.

If you’ve ever been cheated on, remember they saw you as bigger, better and felt that they did not really deserve you. And of course they didn’t. We all deserve big lives, huge joys and the right to reach for them openly.



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One thought on “Why People Cheat

  1. Let me first say I don’t condone cheating on any type of level. Furthermore, we’re all humans and if we put ourselves in a tempting and bad situation, there is a chance that we can end up cheating, no matter how much we love our partner. However, with that being said, if it did happen, this shouldn’t be a regular thing that is done by someone who truly cares and value their partner and key steps should be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Last, every situation isn’t the same when it comes down to the reason someone cheated. As a result, I’m in no position to tell someone to leave or stay with the person if they’re cheated on without knowing the details first. Yet, if someone has been showing through their CONSISTENT actions before they cheated that they truly care for you and have shown remorse since then, I would hope that whoever they’re with would be willing to give them a second chance.

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