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  1. Let me first say I don’t condone cheating on any type of level. Furthermore, we’re all humans and if we put ourselves in a tempting and bad situation, there is a chance that we can end up cheating, no matter how much we love our partner. However, with that being said, if it did happen, this shouldn’t be a regular thing that is done by someone who truly cares and value their partner and key steps should be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Last, every situation isn’t the same when it comes down to the reason someone cheated. As a result, I’m in no position to tell someone to leave or stay with the person if they’re cheated on without knowing the details first. Yet, if someone has been showing through their CONSISTENT actions before they cheated that they truly care for you and have shown remorse since then, I would hope that whoever they’re with would be willing to give them a second chance.