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  1. @IdeaSmith:
    Hmm… in that case, assuming there is a God, he gave you wings and a cage, so as to keep you trapped in the latter, so that you keep wishing (and praying) to fly free… I believe it is as simple as that !

    But here, I ask… God has given you (or the bird in question) wings and a cage… but has he really put that bird IN the cage? Cuz if he hasn’t, then all that discussion above is kinda unnecessary!
    .-= Kavita´s last blog ..Bachelordom =-.

    1. @Jeeves: To come back to the original question, then why? What is the point of the struggle?

      @alpha: Fish don’t live in cages.

      @Kavita: Poetic as it may sound, a bird can’t actually break open the cage.

  2. So that I teach myself to break open the cage, and then enjoy the blissful flying experience. After all, what’s the point in just having something, and not knowing it’s value! And here I quote.. “Cuz you don’t know what you’ve ’til it’s gone..”
    .-= Kavita´s last blog ..Bachelordom =-.