Shh man with fingers in ears

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  1. The whole idea of “ladylike” is problematic in itself. Just something else made up to keep women in their place, whatever that means. I’m not particularly loud (unless I’m riled), but I’ve noticed since I’ve bevlme more vocal in my opinion and I am female that there’s quite a backlash.

  2. Bravo! I’ve been told I laugh too much. And have way to much fun. Especially in work environments.

    Now.. if you are productive, enjoying and express it… and others immediately around you also become more productive, enjoy it and express it… the problem is??? We should shut up and be as miserable as the complaining person not part of our team that is getting oodles done and feeling good about it too?

    Sigh… be loud & proud – just maybe not in a Library. 😉