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  1. I love watching cricket and football (at least when the world cup is on). The only reason I haven’t been watching as much cricket as I would is cause am in no crick land..and work prevents me from being able to watch all the football matches which are played during the day.

    At the same time I can sympathise with you..
    for I feel like this when the a room fully of people starts discussing LOTR or recently Da Vinci Code I feel left out 🙁

    To each his own haan?

  2. hmm.
    Do you ever wonder, even for a little bit, that there might, just a faint random tiny possibility, that there is actually something, that you might be completely missing?


  3. U summed up my thoughts with your last line…”when you can’t beat them…” 😉
    But I guess here I have a natural affection and passion for the game myself, so can’t really crib!In fact I hate to have someone disturb me with an inane conversation during a match…he he.

  4. Well.. I started betting with the guys at work.. and NOW I’m over to the “dark-side”…
    I was down 60 bucks till yesterday.. now Im up 25…

    So here’s nother twist .. if you can’t “beat” em.. “bet” with ’em… !!


    cheesy… I know !


  5. Well, I didn’t object when you were bashing the football craze, but with criticizing tennis, you may just have gone a bit too far. 🙂

    I am crazy for tennis. I really am. I am one of those people who sign up as fans at, but before you jump to any conclusions, I do have a life too. 🙂 It’s just that I find the game very interesting.

    However, I can completely empathise with you. My wife’s going through the same phase as you.

  6. I read this immediately after writing the sports obsessed entry into my blog… Being a sports fanatic and a guy, I can say that my interest in sport-watching arose during my endless cricket playing days as a kid… If we did not watch them, there would not be any world cup… Finally, I believe in the quote “If you cant beat them, join them and then beat them.” – not an original, just goes well with my philosophy, esp when it comes to sports..