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  1. Interesting! While I do agree that women in India don’t wear scarves with dresses, I think perhaps it may be the association with them being more like a dupatta?
    I think it’s about the silhouttes too I guess – tehre is the danger of looking like a hippie/ boho right out of the 70s with the skirt/ tshirt/ duppatta look!
    and well, frankly, however much Vogue India suggests it _ i am yet to see a woman with a pencil skirt and 6 inch heels take the train to work!

    1. @eccentricspeak: Hmm, I don’t know about that. Do I look too boho in the pictures? The scarves are too short to look like dupattas but then again, there is the question of relative size. I’ve a very small-built friend who used to wear a long, silk scarf as a dupatta! Also, I couldn’t wear 6 inch heels because I’m naturally clumsy (and because I’d have to bend over almost double to get into the train!!) but I have worn pencil skirts, knee-high boots and lower heels to work – at my last workplace and where I was before that.

  2. I love the Benetton knit dress. The Fabindia skirt-turned-dress is lovely too. The pictures are a little too long range and low-light to see the patterns clearly enough. Maybe next time, you could take a picture in natural light? Would love to see both dresses closer…

    1. @Lakshmi: Thengyu! By the way, my camera has conked out which is the reason the style posts have slowed down. I’ve been using my phone camera but that isn’t quite the same. A new camera is on the radar but not yet in the budget. Once I have it, I’ll definitely keep what you said in mind.