gray newton s cradle in close up photogaphy

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  1. I admitted the second and the third law because kind of feel its common to both men and women, don’t you think so?

    coming back to law one I would state that as.
    “Every man/woman continues in his/her current relationship status (dating, just good friends, chasing, no-strings-attached, in love, married, bored, not sure. single, not looking, planning to search) unless acted upon by a force internal (dramatic negative behavior by a person [dad/mom/friend/peer like nagging, extreme indifference, poking nose, trying to help, advice, ) or external (subtle positive behavior by opposite sex like smiling, flirting, helping, showing respect, deep attraction, lust, or even just plain old fashioned love.”

    so what do you say.

  2. @ Rambler: 🙂 Well, thank you for admitting it anyway. And now that we’re in agreement, how about letting me into the secret of what the first law should be?

  3. I think I can relate to laws two and three, mind you it was not easy admitting :), I think as far as the first law goes, I have different opinion about state of men and what change them.