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  1. Totally agree with Navin. Wish I could elaborate further but the words aren’t coming to me right now… 🙁


    1. @Lakshmi: I think I know just what you mean. Navin tends to have that effect on people. 😉 (Mr.Kabra, are you listening?)

  2. @Navin: Thank you muchly for the perspective (on homophobia being a dealbreaker in a straight relationship) . You’re right (of course!). I guess I lost sight of what was important and hearing it from you brought it back in focus.

  3. > Should homosexuality be a deal-breaker in a straight relationship? That doesn’t sound fair to me.

    Actually, I think homophobia should absolutely be a deal-breaker in a straight relationship. To me, it implies that there is a lack of clarity of thought, an inability to see that being gay is not a choice (and that many gay people would give anything just to be “normal” and not be persecuted), a closed mind, and perhaps some insecurity somewhere, that is coming out as aggression.

    Homophobia is nothing at all like a different religion or a different political leaning. All religions are intrinsically good, and most political parties and ideologies have some fundamentally defendable core, so agreeing to disagree is acceptable. By contrast, I’d say homophobia is either ignorance, or malice.

    > In this world of so many sins, I must pick my battles. Homosexuality is on the list but I can’t honestly say I’ll always have the courage to keep it there.

    That’s a refreshingly honest statement in a world which is usually either bigoted or absurdly, impractically heroic (as far as making grand statements is concerned!) I hope you don’t get put in a situation where you have to cross it off the list.
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