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  1. Love this post. By the way, on reason #3, it was Katharine Hepburn who said: “If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.”

  2. Hey! I have been following your blog for really long, first out of Mumbai and then from a different country where I have moved to. I have always loved your writing. For some reason, I feel like the on-your-face spirit in what you put down has come down. This post and a couple of others are so full of ‘there you go, on-your-face’ kind of a thing. And so eloquent.
    But now, I feel like a bit of melancholy has replaced all the angsty huff and puff. May be tthat’s just natural personality growth, but just wanted to express my humble opinion.

    Your writing is still so great! And I love the effort to keep the blog (this and ideasmithy) alive, amidst all the here-today-not-there-tomo blogs!!!

    Keep rocking woman 😀

  3. I agree and would want to stay single. Men are all the same. They can never be 100% faithful to you. They will definitely break your heart somehow someday. Women have to accept reasons such as men are physical animal thats why they look at other women thats why they cheat or unfaithful. Just because we are born women. We have to accept a cheated husband for the sake of child. I would rather Stay single and have plenty of boyfriend. Zero commitment. No expectation frm them. No drama. No heart breaks

  4. Why do guys propose to women? Why do guys want to get married? It’s because they love the woman that they are with, and want to stay with her forever and ever and ever and ….

    Unfortunately, the newlywed bliss comes to an end after a year or so. This is because BOTH of them change. They BOTH realize that they no longer have to *work* for the attentions of their significant other. They get lazy.

    Most men that I know who regret getting married blame it on the lack of sex. This is usually because after about a year, the woman realizes she no longer has to put out to keep him around, the ring around his finger does that (as well as the 50/50 possession split in a divorce).

    If BOTH people work towards keeping the other person interested, marriage would not be such a bad word!

  5. I think men and women are very much alike. I mean even the phrase “Why trade in the admiration of a 1000 men for the indifference of one?” Can’t you say the same thing replacing “men” for “women”? When you first meet a guy or a girl there is that special excitement, which goes away when you notice different flaws, which you haven’t seen before. Both men and women become “boring”. “Men make an effort for me. They want to look good, sound intelligent and act ‘well’.” Don’t women do absolutely same things???
    Also if you are in your 20’s, of course you get special attention from men… What happens in your 30’s, 40’s? Would you say same things when you are not as attractive as you used to be? What about if all of your friends got families and there is absolutely no one who can spend Friday night with you? Would you be as proud about being single?
    Besides when you have a boyfriend you still can have girls night out. Not all guys like to stay at home, or are boring, you just haven’t found the right one yet.

  6. @ Stu: Thanks for the reply. And since blatant, semi-rude generalisations make me insane, the same applies to you. And thank you for visiting.

    @ Reem: 🙂 And happily there are enough of people who want to live with insanity as well, it would seem!

  7. Sounds pretty sane to me. Well said, at least you know what you want. There are a lot of people who choose to live confused without any question.

  8. Women are insane.

    This article was obviously written by an insane woman.

    Guys don’t get married, or you will be going to hell sooner than you think.

    I’d like to answer this question:

    I mean most marriages happen because the guy proposes!!! Why do men pursue a women they don’t want after all?

    With my answer:

    Only stupid guys propose.

  9. @ sudha: Point taken. I was quoting the common stereotype imposed on me, verbatim. But this is a silly post and not meant to be taken too seriously.

    @ Jason: 😀 Thengyu!

  10. @ Ranjan: That above all things. Though you don’t have to stay single to love yourself. It is easier though, I admit.

    @ Ninja: Are they? What about your reasons for wanting a woman?

    @ Sherriff: That then, is their problem.

  11. Evenstar and I have a bet goin’ on; it’s about you! I think, I’ll win. Don’t bother asking her, she wouldn’t remember! 🙂

  12. Here’s to being single and fabulous! When you love yourself, people can’t help but love you too.. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve! and Happy Valentines 🙂