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  1. Thin, fat, blonde, bald – does it make a difference as long as the BRAIN is good? And of course the sense of humour.
    Callista Flockhart looks like she belongs in a relief camp. What’s wrong with a little more to cuddle?
    Besides, fat people are nicer because they don’t make me feel threatened. Heh.


  2. Heard of a category of men, that gets attracted to ‘tomboyish’ girls! So, that’s the category that you should be lookn for your ‘eligible’ bachelor! *that was off the topic, I know*

    Vanity, my fav sin!~

  3. Isn’t it frustrating when even YOU can’t get into your own pants? When we go too far with making ourselves look good enough to feel confident, we end up laboring over ourselves to cover our insecurities. Like most things in life, egos and vanity included, moderation is good.

  4. Smithy- YOUR jeans don’t fit you???
    Don’t even get me started… but that’s never bothered me much…jeans don’t fit? Oh well, time to buy a new pair!!!

  5. If you think that only the metrosexual is vain, hah. The metrosexual is just vain in a different way. Those of us that eschew metrosexuality, thats where our vanity lies.

    But whats the problem, i say. Its good to like you.

  6. I think he’s a fool for falling prey to the same monster that has been chewing on the long-limbed, silky-haired, even-skinned carcasses of women. Vanity.

    Oh you couldn’t have said it better Smithy! 🙂