Life feels easier when you realise they don’t understand you. Can’t, won’t try & probably never will. But that is okay because when there’s no one around to live your life for you, is when you start to breathe.

And you realise you don’t need anyone to understand you. It may make things easier in the short term but is it worth the risks, the compromises, the war waged on your psyche & on the minds of those who are struggling to understand themselves?

Be kind. Be. Before you fight for it. And maybe you won’t need fighting. How does it matter if you are alone in your commiseration? You sleep alone, you awaken alone. And who even knows, don’t we navigate the world, even shared conversations alone?

When you point to a colour & call it red and they nod, how can you know they are seeing the same thing you are & not what you’ve been calling green your whole life? And does it matter? We are yet to understand understanding. And our life purpose (if it must hover here) is to understand, not be understood. Do you understand yourself? Start there, close there.

Your mind is a solo flier. Your body its tool, its weapon, its captor, its home. Everything else is everyone else. Soar, dear one. Unburden yourself of battles you don’t need to fight. Soar.

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