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  1. It is not correct to defend Pooja for what she did. May be she failed in registering a police complaint; but there are ten different ways to escalate the matter. Everybody; who wants to register complaint; has faced more or less the same situation or I can rather say not only with police but it is the same case with most of the govt. agencies. Considering social responsibility, no one can just put off her clothes for attention seeking; otherwise what will be the scenario if all personals who are not being entertained by police / other govt departments will put off their clothes & will come on the roads?

    Media should also use their rights judiciously because highlighting such incident will encourage ten more people & the same we are witnessing in Rajkot now-a-days; three more case as on date.

  2. Do I think she should not have done it because, it was vulgar, I guess I would say no, our Actor/actresses have done much more worse things than this.
    Is it demeaning to women or herself, again I would say no, she must have been so much disgusted at the response, anything to get justice she would have done.
    The worse part of the whole thing is, women themselves not understanding how worse the problem could have been that made her take this extreme step.

  3. While the media has been more than happy that such a thing happened(it ensured additional TRP and some more newsprint), imagine what would have been the plight of the poor girl. And more shocking is the way people reacted. Calling it criminal, indecent. Which self respecting woman would even take such a drastic step, knowing very well she will be ostracised. She truly would have been driven to despair. I hope that some results come out of the committee thats been set up.
    But it just reiterates that our society is still uneducated. Literacy(even the highest college degree) doesn’t mean education. Education is the outlook. And sadly we are still way behind.

  4. everybody loves attention & trust me some people can do unimaginable things for it! I m not sure about other people but such people certainly catch attention of “media”. After all its every individual ‘s choice. btw dropped u a mail

  5. It is disgusting to know that videos have been shot and r being circulated on porn sites etc….
    one can never imagine wat desperation drives a person to do- it is really sad that she had no help at hand…and had to resort to this- but should we make a mockery of her anguish….Can we have some responsibility in our society pls???

  6. Surprising – I had a discussion with my wife on exactly the same topic the other day. The golden question – should she have done that?
    Considering that all her attempts to register a police complaint failed (from what the media says), she probably had no other option but to resort to this form of “attention seeking”. To be fair to her, she must have been really frustrated to do what she did. I mean dowry demands, beatings….. how much can a person take? It’s not that any sane woman would ‘outrage her own modesty’ without sufficient provocation.
    I personally feel that there may be other forms of protest – she just happened to chose that one. The media should have been a little more considerate by not splashing a photograph on the front page. TOI must surely have registered a surge in it’s sale for that day! A news report would have sufficed, wouldn’t you say? Now, the poor girl (woman?) has been ‘exposed’ across the nation.
    The episode fills me with wonder at what people have to resort to, to be heard. Is this a sign of our society degenerating?