expressive bald woman shouting in studio

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  1. Great writing!

    Don’t think you wanna hear “NAMALT” again. But may I suggest being a little kinder and accepting of people’s little white lies and embellishments. This really will make the world a much less disappointing place for you. We all do try to put our best foot forward especially in the mating/courtship process and if this job was the feather in this man’s cap then come on yaar, give the guy a break- doesn’t sound like he never even worked there, ever.

    To be so high handed and act like a cold arbitrer of the truth and standards is not human nor adult like. Are you sure you don’t have any skeletons in your own closet?

    Your standards for the truth are very high indeed, I am not sure if even Gandhi would have met them. He did after all visit brothels in Natal, would it be “lying by ommission” to not advertise that hobby?

    It’s just this judgment and extreme filtering that I found objectionable enough to disagree with. The rest of the story does make him sound like a douche… although it should be noted that unsophisticated males of our species do naturally try to assert dominance over others. You might try applying some filters other than trying to find the most honest person alive, though. Pot smokers are usually a peaceful lot and not given to aggressive inconsiderate behavior. A slight reduction in IQ is a fair tradeoff. Other markers of interpersonal amicability include creative pursuits (other writers?), acts of charity or philanthropy or having lived in vastly different societies for extended periods. Divorced dad types can be fun too!

    But most of all I suggest that empathy and compassion can go a long way, yes even when shown for liars and fucked up people too. The world is not a show put on to win over a single player, unless you happen to be a solipsist…

    1. @Mr.Martian (Mansplainer): I am approving this comment because it perfectly demonstrates the first problem that I mentioned with the man in my post without elaborating – mansplaining. You have just explained how men behave in the dating scenario to a woman who has described an exact incident. You also condescend to ‘explain’ to me what you find ‘objectionable’, which to be precise is my calling out lying, bragging and harassment. Thank you for proving my point. Unfortunately for you, I’m not in the market for your mansplaining, given there are billions of others like yourself selling it to me. How about taking your wares elsewhere to someone who’s actually interested?