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  1. @ Rambler: Her Royal Smithness permits it!

    @ Pragni: I wish you would too. It isn’t easy and I’ll stand up and applaud when you do it. But you know something…when you actually do that, you won’t need anyone else’s approval. Go forth and crown yourself queen!!!

  2. More power to you.. I think it will take me some more time before I will actually be able to make the stuff I used to.. I have convinced myself as of now that it’s very childish.. the stuff I used to make.. and I know what you are thinking when I say that, but…. wish I could look beyond a few things..

  3. @ Vi, Rambler, Broom: I thought so as well. But tastes differ and so do sentiments.

    @ Broom: 😀 I need your address for that…oh and some ‘pretty-please’ begging would help!

    @ Pragni: I still paint for myself. I figured the jerk didn’t matter enough to let me stifle my own gifts. How about that?

  4. I once made a hand bracelet out of wood and wool, with his name etched on it, and my initial somewhere lost in the fabric..

    It finished even before I could give it to him.. and even after, when I did offer it, he did not take it. He asked me to keep it to remember him, and he never understood the fabric, the making of that either. Never understood that I was lost in it anyway, it was for him, to keep and treasure.

    I never made bracelets again too..

  5. I would treasure something like this. anything like this. it’s gorgeous. feel free to send me one as a belated birthday gift.